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5 Minutes To Feeling Good With Arnica Natural Pain Relief Products

Image of Arnica Montana field of flowers

“Just because I’m strong enough to handle pain, doesn’t mean I deserve it.”

A Life-Changing Event
“My eyes were closed but I could feel the van turning, rotating on the ice and when I opened my eyes a moment later I was facing the opposite direction sliding sideways toward the shoulder of the road. All I could do was hope that we came to a stop soon but when the tire hit the edge of the road it blew out and propelled us over the edge. It rolled, making a complete revolution and coming to a jarring stop back on its wheels upright. I experienced the entire thing in slow motion as if in a time warp…”

That scenario happened to me about 25 years ago as a passenger in a mini van on an icy night. Though I was lucky and didn’t experience life-threatening injuries, the ramifications of that night changed my life forever. I’m not sure where I first heard the quote above, but it has stuck with me for years and I totally believe it. I didn’t deserve the constant pain that I was plagued with for more than a year after that accident and if you’ve experienced pain like that or are now, you know there are moments when you doubt you’re strong enough to endure it.  

What Did I Do?
I looked for relief, something to make me feel good and fast. An overly sensitive stomach made it impossible to take prescription painkillers and over the counter drugs caused digestive upsets that just made me more miserable.  Desperate for relief, I looked for a natural solution. It was just a few short years before that fateful event that I first heard about the healing properties of the amazing Arnica Montana plant. I’m sure glad I did because it propelled me on my natural health journey.

What The Heck Is Arnica?
Arnica Montana is a perennial, herbaceous plant in the sunflower family, also known as Mountain TobaccoWolfsbane, and Leopard’s Bane. It is found in temperate regions of western North America and northern Eurasia, growing in beautiful alpine meadows. Native animals, such as mountain goats, will seek out the plant to alleviate bruising and soreness.

What’s So Special About Arnica?
Arnica has been used medicinally for centuries. Historical uses have ranged from treating sore throats to improving circulation, but it is most commonly used for bruising and sore muscles. There weren’t as many options 25 years ago when I was in that accident, but I found an Arnica lotion and applied it to my bruises and sore muscles several times a day and within a few short minutes, usually 5 minutes or less, I was experiencing relief and feeling good enough to function and go about my day.

How Does It Work So Fast?
It’s really pretty simple, Arnica stimulates white blood cell activity, which reduces inflammation, bruising, and healing time so it eases sore muscles and heals bruises quickly. It’s also an analgesic, which relieves pain.

How Do You Use It?
It can be taken orally in an extremely diluted form as a homeopathic remedy but Arnica natural pain relief products are usually applied topically and are generally considered safe. Don’t apply arnica to broken skin though and for those with extremely sensitive skin it could cause irritation so use caution if you’ve had sensitivities before.

Wishing you freedom from pain, because we all deserve to feel good!